Forex Trading Scams

When it comes to trading platforms and activities, it doesn’t get bigger than the Forex (Foreign Exchange) market. When the action moved from the trading floor to the internet, things started to get very murky indeed. Now it’s very hard, next to impossible, for anyone interested in the market to know if the person they are communicating with is a legitimate broker following established legal processes.

That is why the amount lost to Forex trading numbers in the many millions and it’s an area that shows no signs of reduction when it comes to scammers and the scams they run. Of all the scamming markets, Forex is the one that sees the highest fluctuations when it comes to new, effective and deceptive scams that are backed with incredibly intricate technologies and tools.

Initially our team of recovery experts secure & analyse key info you provide us, to ascertain whether it’s a case we can win.
Crucially we liaise with banks & credit card companies to help resolve the matter. Failing that, we confront the scammers directly.
Our years of experience means we know precisely how to formulate a strategy that results in a partial or full recovery of funds.

Get Your Money Back from Forex Scams

Now, while the number of people being conned via Forex trading scams is growing, it's a field where we have a very high success rate when it comes to the retrieval of funds that have been stolen.

As a leading nonprofit organization, our aim is the eradication of scams in any online financial field, but until these have been wiped out entirely we are here to help you get back what was stolen from you. Simply fill out our contact form or reach out via email or phone and we’ll see how we can help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you locate the information you need before you start your claim, why not check out our helpful FAQs.

The Forex market has become so overrun with crooks, scams, and con artists that many believe that the whole industry is corrupt, but that isn’t the case. This level of criminal behavior makes the Forex world almost the wild-west of the scamming world. The scams range from fake trading systems that are rigged against you to brokers looking to sell opportunities that are doomed to failure.
Yes, and we do so every single week. Of the various markets our team of recovery specialists works within, Forex is by far the most common, and this is why our success rate in this field is so high.
Firstly collect all the relevant communications and information you have from your Forex scam experience and then reach out via our contact us page. We’ll then make a determination as to whether we believe yours is a case we can win. If so, we’ll start the ball rolling instantly.