CFD Scams

CFDs (Contracts for Differences) is an area that has seen a rapid rise in scamming activity of late. The CFD world was always going to be one that crooks would look to burst into, not least as doing so via the internet is far easier than previously when such actions would require more complex work on their side.

CFDs are contracts between an investor and a financial institution and are, in many ways, a gamble on the future value of an asset. However, scammers take what is essentially an educated bet and they hold all the cards and lie to you about your potential payouts and inevitably disappear with your money.

Initially our team of recovery experts secure & analyse key info you provide us, to ascertain whether it’s a case we can win.
Crucially we liaise with banks & credit card companies to help resolve the matter. Failing that, we confront the scammers directly.
Our years of experience means we know precisely how to formulate a strategy that results in a partial or full recovery of funds.

Get Your Money Back from CFD Scams

Trusted Recovery is well versed in the ways these scammers work and have helped thousands of individuals and groups who have been the victim of their actions. We’ve assisted so many in this field that there are no scams we are not aware of and that makes it easier for us to track scammers down and halt their actions.

When you contact us for our help, not only do we work on getting your money back but in doing so we also help to remove a scammer from the ecosystem, helping to protect others from the very scams you suffered. It all starts with a call or email, simply fill in the contact us area and we’ll get to work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that the pursuit of your stolen funds can prove mentally taxing and stressful, so we hope these FAQs will help steer you in the right direction.

A typical CFD scam will revolve around a stock or trading opportunity that theybelieve is destined to win you a large sum. CFD (Contract for Difference) markets are harsh environments at the best of times, but these scams are predicated on an outcome that won’t happen. A broker is effectively selling you a false promise.
Yes, we can. Our team has a great deal of experience in this field and knows the ways CFD scammers operate, and that gives us the edge as we pursue the recovery of your stolen funds.
Firstly get together all the information you have in relation to the scam, all the emails, letters, and relevant documents. Then visit our contact us page, and we’ll start the process.