Binary Options Scams

On the face of it Binary Options are, to the untrained eye, a simple undertaking and an opportunity to turn a large profit. It’s a financial operation that results in either pays out or times out. It’s quite a black and white process and perhaps because of this there are a large number of scammers involved in this market.

Some of the actions taken by scammers in this industry are very complex and can easily fool unsuspecting individuals who have been duped into thinking their investment will come with a great return. Quite frankly scams in this area are a zero sum game. Promises are made, dubious tools are used and then within an instant your money is gone and you have no recourse and your communication with the relevant party suddenly stops.

Initially our team of recovery experts secure & analyse key info you provide us, to ascertain whether it’s a case we can win.
Crucially we liaise with banks & credit card companies to help resolve the matter. Failing that, we confront the scammers directly.
Our years of experience means we know precisely how to formulate a strategy that results in a partial or full recovery of funds.

Get Your Money Back from Binary Options Scams

Our experience in the field of binary options scams means we not only know how they work but we also know, first-hand, many of those individuals and groups who scam people in their thousands.

We can help you get your money back from binary options scammers and have the means to do so. We will start by gathering any key information from the victim and get to work right away, be that negotiating with the relevant bank or credit card company operators or the scammers themselves.

Our plan of action is part of a fixed process and we will liaise with you at every juncture, keeping you fully aware of how things are progressing and how close we are to securing your funds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To help focus your case and assist you in the process, we've put together some handy FAQs that we feel will help.

The range of Binary Option scams is huge and growing almost weekly. They tend to be based on a trading platform technology that is skewed or software that manipulates pricing. Others are related to ‘signals,’ which essentially are suggestions and ideas for a fee, which then turn out to be for bad investments. Whatever scam you suffered in the binary options field, we can help you.
Yes, we can and have done so on thousands of occasions. The sheer scale of scams makes the pursuit of recovery harder than in other fields, but we have successfully retrieved funds in all manner of scams.
Every case starts with an initial consultation with our team, during which we’ll ascertain what details and information you have. We then decide if the case is one we believe we can win; if so, we will start the process right away.