About Us

The main reason Trusted Recovery is one of the most effective, and reputable, operators in the chargeback market is our commitment to the cause. We live and breathe online security and have spent years assisting individuals and groups in getting their money back from scammers who have plagued the online world.

“There is Never a Wrong Time to Do the Right Thing!”


Our approach to online financial fraud runs along a number of parallel paths, all of which are part of a larger intention to make the online world a safer place. We aim to do this by doing the following.

  • Preventing online scams from occurring
  • Educating internet users on the ways scammers operate
  • Confronting and fighting unregulated brokerages
  • Recovering funds lost by victims
  • Being at the forefront of a worldwide campaign to eradicate online scammers

Right now, unfortunately, there isn’t much in the way of governmental support, in most leading nations, for those who have suffered at the hands of online scammers. This can, and does, often mean victims don’t report the crimes they have suffered and will look to just soldier on.

Often they don’t even want to discuss the matter with their friends and family, due to the stigma that is attached to the scams they suffered, and that means companies like Trusted Recovery are the only means by which they can look to level the playing field, to get justice and retrieve their stolen funds.

Strategic Approach

We offer a responsible approach to online financial fraud recovery. We won’t take a case if we don’t think it’s one we can win and that means you can trust us to act in your best interest.

After all, there is little to gain from either party wasting their time, effort and resources on a lost cause.

Our workforce is made up of a management structure populated with experts in the field, with a shared experience of decades, who have worked in high-level positions across the chargeback industry.

The team of experts who field your calls and begin the investigative process are steadfast and well honed. They know exactly what is needed to successfully begin the process that will, hopefully, lead to the recovery of your funds. In 95% of the cases this is what we make happen.

Supporting You Every Step Of the Way

We have a 95% success rate when it comes to retrieving partial or full recovery of stolen funds and our team is dedicated to making sure we continue to offer such a high level of accomplishment.

All of this starts with an initial communication. Simply fill in the contact us form, or send us an email or give us a call, and we’ll do our utmost to win your case and get back your stolen funds.

“Nothing Will Work, Unless You Do”

We Do Our Research
We open our investigation and gather all relevant material ahead of the opening of each of our cases
We Won't Back Down
Our team is ready for any obstacle that comes our way and we are tireless inour efforts to reclaim your funds.
We Get Results
Our success rate speaks for itself. We have a proven record of recouping funds and never shirk from the fight for justice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you with any issues or questions you might have, ahead of contacting us, here are a number of common queries that may be relevant to you.

What Scams Does Trusted Recovery Deal With?
Trusted Recovery works in a number of areas when it comes to online financial scams; these include Binary Options, CFDs, Cryptocurrency and Forex. We have a high success rate in each of these fields, all of which we have worked in for some years.
In the interest of transparency it is important to note that we don’t take every case. We will only do so if we feel it’s a case we can win. This is a determination we’ll make after reviewing the details of your specific case. Additionally, we don’t take cases for victims of online financial fraud that amount to less than $10k
Every case is different and as such there is no set time-frame. However, on average a case with us takes between one to three months. We will liaise with you on every step of the way, therefore you’ll be kept across key details in relation to how long the case may take to complete.
We work worldwide and therefore wherever you are based, we can help you.
Yes. We offer a paid service and we usually charge a partial upfront fee, which helps our team get the process started) and a full payment will be due on the successful conclusion of your case. All fees are transparent and you will not be met by hidden costs.